Why Innovation Intelligence?

So you are looking for innovative ways to increase your profits without going for the short-term quick fix; cutting expenses.
In this global very competitive technological business environment now more than ever is the time for businesses to invest in their employees so they have the time, energy and desire to solve problems by discovering, combining, arranging insights, ideas, and methods in new ways.
The real problem amongst Australian management is a lack of appreciation of the potential for innovation. We have some outstanding companies and managers in Australia, but we also have a lot that are second-rate, introspective, cossetted and slow. Far greater priority should be given to management education and to policies for improving the capacity of firms to innovate.
The benefits of innovation are much more than increasing corporate profits it’s more about creating a better experience for everyone. Through innovation, we can give each successive generation an easier, longer and more rewarding life than the one before.
For many, innovation is perceived as a precursor to more unwelcome changes at work and potentially to job losses. Actually, innovation creates new jobs and brings excitement and meaning into work as people are given the opportunity to explore and try new things.

A passionate, healthy balanced life becomes a reality instead of an idealism that very few appear to have achieved.

Research reveals that challenging passion-driven work, making a difference, recognition, employee involvement and job security are the top five career motivators. When employees have, these requirements met they stick around so companies don’t have to spend as much time and hard earned profits recruiting and training new workers. Happy employees tend to rave about their workplace, which can attract new talent. When job seekers are clamoring to work for a company, that company gets to choose the cream of the crop to join their team.
Companies need to provide these qualities if they want to increase their profits, create a more conducive environment, be an employer of choice, all whilst assisting their employees to realise their full potential in their professional life.

A win-win for all.

Why the Innovation Intelligence book

As a former Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of a publicly listed company, I wish that I had the tools, insights and awareness, then, that I am about to share.

During my CFO tenure, I was very much living my life in a Ground-Hog Day Daze, as I now like to call it. I was working, eating, and drinking too much, always in fight mode, totally denying my feminine side, very competitive, running on empty, unfulfilled, not understanding that adrenalin causes burnout, exhaustion, and disconnectedness.
I always thought “Surely there must be an easier way to achieve at such a high level?”
I now know that not only did I do a disservice to myself, but also to the company and more importantly to all the employees. As a senior manager, I could have easily made a huge difference to the culture, work ethic and health of the employees all leading to a healthier bottom line.
After collaborating with and studying numerous organisations, I am a great believer that your workforce are your greatest assets. The hugely profitable organisations run their entire company with Innovation Intelligence utilising the F.L.Y. system.
They value the ethos of “Together We Make a Difference” as the more employees are appreciated, heard, valued and shown respect, the more passionate, productive and motivated they will become. Creating a fantastic workplace, that attracts high-caliber personnel and greater profits.
Your employees are your company’s real competitive advantage. They’re the ones making the magic happen—as long as their needs are being met. When they know we truly care about them—and not just about what we can get out of them—they tend to go the extra mile.

Assist your employees to move from tired, worn out, depressed, over-worked, and under-appreciated workers to being more aware, grateful, healthier, energised and satisfied employees, and they’ll be more efficient, productive and more creative. They will tend to work harder, contribute more, and call in sick less. They’ll feel empowered, appreciated, and will become more loyal.

Despite the obvious advantages of ensuring employee satisfaction, many organisations struggle with how to introduce innovation intelligence to achieve that goal.
That is why I’ve written this book.

Not sure where to start?

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Be well and remember to make each day meaningful, memorable and magical………..and never, ever, ever stop dancing!

With Love & Gratitude
Karen Chaston.