It’s Been a Lot Easier Than Imagined

This Saturday the 29th June 2019 will mark my 26th week of being alcohol free. It was my choice. 2019 is my year to stop drinking alcohol.

Yahoo I’m halfway through achieving my goal and I have to say it has been a whole lot easier than I ever thought it would be.

With the only time that I wish I could have a drink is when I’m sitting at an airport. I guess it’s the ‘Holiday Mentality’, you know, time to celebrate. And normally that would mean with alcohol!

Today I’d like to share with you my reasons for deciding 2019 would be an alcohol-free year, my journey so far and some ways for you to follow down the same pathway, if you so choose.

My Three Main Reasons

  1. Raise My Vibration: Many of you reading this, may know that my beautiful son Dan, suddenly and very unexpectedly passed away in July 2011. Nearly eight years ago! I have this great connection with Dan, he is always showing me signs he is travelling with me. Though it came very apparent to me, that if I wanted to connect with him on a higher level, I needed to raise my vibration and keep it high. Alcohol lowers your vibration and it also takes three days to leave your system. Whilst I was no longer drinking every day, as I did when I was a CFO of a publicly listed company, I was drinking a minimum of three times per week, which meant my body was never alcohol free.
  2. Be Heathier: For many years I have been slowly releasing excess weight and I wanted to get to my ideal weight by the end of 2019. I knew that when I drank alcohol, my food choices were less ideal and that was making my goal 2 steps forward, 4 steps backward.
  3. Create Better Relationships: The second pillar of Live Love By Design is ‘All About Your Relationships’. I felt that when I consumed alcohol I was never as ‘present’ as I would like to be. I would forget things that were said and I wanted to be living my life true to the everyday concepts that I was teaching others.

What Prompted Me to Start The Journey

In late July 2018, my husband and I returned from our four-week overseas trip. We had been to the UK, Poland and Prague, spending time with many different friends and as you can imagine we consumed huge amounts of alcohol.

Upon our return, we cut our intake down, though I was getting many signs that it was time to go alcohol-free. Of course, I initially fought it. I liked drinking (so I thought) after all.

Then in mid-November, I was chatting with Kirsty, a lady who was helping me with my marketing and she started talking about how she had been alcohol-free for four weeks and how easy it had been. She ended the statement with “I’m not sure why I am telling you this.” Of course, my response was, “I know, I am meant to hear this and have the conversation.”

And we did. Kirsty shared with me that she had read Allen Carr’s book “The Easy Way for Women to Stop Drinking” and that after reading the book it truly was easy.

I immediately knew this was a gift from Dan. So, I purchased the kindle version and started reading it.

The first thing Allen said was “that as long as you are reading this book you can keep drinking.”

So, I read slowly!!

I kept moving my alcohol-free start date. After all Christmas was coming and we had a lot of planned celebrations. Then my friend was coming in January to visit, then something was planned for February, March etc etc.

Yes, I quickly realised that there is always something planned and I started to wane on my resolve to go alcohol-free.

Though Dan had other ways of convincing me that 2019 is the best year for me to be alcohol-free.

The Event That Convinced Me, I’d Just Had My Last Drink!

On the 30th December 2018, my husband and I caught up with two other couple friends at the Skiff Club in Manly. We were there about four hours and whilst we had a few drinks, I was OK to walk back to Manly…. Well so I thought.

The harbour foreshore pathway is quite uneven and had a few pebbles on it and as I was wearing heels (always wearing heels), suddenly I went straight down and landed on my right knee. My husband was shocked and shouted, “I did not think you were that drunk” to which I replied, “I’m not, I just lost my balance on the uneven surface.”

Maybe I was a little drunk!!

As I put my hand over my knee, my whole palm became covered in blood. We hobbled to a cab and went home. My husband assisted in bathing it and in hindsight I really should have had stitches.

The next day, as I was unable to drive to see my Caring Energetic Healer, I called her. Once I finished telling her the story, she said “well we have been talking about this for a while, maybe it’s time for you to start your “alcohol free” time?

As she uttered the words, I knew instantly that she was right, my fall had been a sign and more than likely Dan pushed me (he so has the power to do just that), so I would stop flip flopping and stick to the plan.

I quickly finished Allen Carr’s book and the rest they say is history!

Sunday the 30th December 2018 was my last drop of alcohol.


Easy Ways For You To Follow Suit (If You So Choose)

I get it. You actually think that you would rather die, than give up alcohol. Your whole social life revolves around it. I know. I have lived a similar life. Though I am here to tell you that nothing changes socially when you decide to live alcohol-free.

Though mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, relationship, career and financially wise, everything changes.

Yep you no longer wasting your days, your money and you always feel great. No longer having to apologise for things you may have said or for not remembering a conversation.

Here are some easy things to do if you so choose to follow suit:

  1. Read the book: Allen Carr’s “Easy Way For Women to Stop Drinking” ~ it’s brilliantly written. He highlights that you are receiving no benefits from drinking alcohol. I know you can list a million right now. Read the book and you’ll see that there are none.
  2. Set the start date: This is the easy part. All you must do is commence then and do not move it for anything. There will always be a something that is happening in the future that will delay you starting.
  3. Keep your decision to yourself: Ok you can tell a few people though not many. We are social people and we always want everyone to be social with us. Unfortunately, social means drinking alcohol. Start off by telling people you are having a day and/or week free from alcohol. When they try to persuade you otherwise, ask them to please respect your wishes. Just keep doing this all year. They will soon realise that you’re no different when you’re alcohol free. Actually, you’ll be a whole lot more fun!
  4. Choose a new favourite drink: I’m still working on this one. Unfortunately, most substitutes are full of sugar. You must do your research and read the labels. I have noticed that I can sit on one drink most nights. You sip slower. Soda, lemon and lime is good with a dash of cranberry juice…. Only a dash otherwise it’s too sweet.
  5. Notice all the benefits: This is the most important step. When you have a long list of benefits that will keep you going, especially when you sometimes think “God, I’d love a drink now”, like at an airport. Weigh your “alcohol-free benefits” up against your drinking alcohol benefits (none after you’ve completed step 1).

Thank you for reading this post.

I have loved writing and sharing about my six-month alcohol-free journey.

If you decide to start your own alcohol-free journey make sure you read the book quickly. The sooner you start receiving the benefits from being alcohol-free the sooner you’ll start living and loving your life.


Until Next time……………


With Love & Gratitude


Till Next Time……….