I don’t know why I’m telling you this, we have only just met.

As soon as Kirsty uttered these words, I thought, I know because I need to listen to this.

This is a possible solution to my problem.

Kirsty was telling me that she had stopped drinking six weeks ago.

She had found it easy. She had read “the Book.”

She never craved a drink.

From day one.

Which was most unusual as previously she’d been drinking two glasses every day.

Even though my alcohol consumption had decreased since I’d become a Beyond Loss Life Coach, at times I still was drinking a bottle of wine a night.

I knew that it was time to take the plunge. To go alcohol free.

That was over nine months.

Just like she said, it’s been easy.

And best of all, every relationship in my life has improved.

Especially the one with myself.

Three things Dan’s death taught me are:

  1. How important every second we have on earth is.
  2. How important the people we care about are.
  3. How every loss in our life, comes with a gift, that assists us to course correct. To make our life better

Are you ready to learn how to live and love your life? To remove some bad habits that are holding you back.

To move on from any loss that has stopped you.

Comment “Yes Please” below. 

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