Your Greatest Loss

Did you know I can look at a total stranger and know what their
greatest loss has been?
It’s not that I have any superpowers.
Though we all do.
It’s because every adult has had the same greatest loss.
The loss of our true self.
We are all born whole and perfect.
We have this huge potential that is longing to create through us.
An inner genius waiting to be birthed.
If only we had just relaxed. Allowed it all to arise naturally.
We could have delighted in simply being part of the process of
Allowing our love to shine brightly.
Why didn’t we? Why did we get lost in the proces.
Well simply, we allowed other people’s opinions, beliefs,
perspectives and habits to mould us into being someone we’re
We all did it.
The number one regret of the dying, is that they wished they’d,
had the courage to live a life true to themselves.
Are you ready to make sure this will not be one of your dying
Great. Go and have a good look at yourself in a full-length mirror.
Are you able to do the “Fonzie Greeting” with a huge smile on
your face?
Yes……………. Congrats you’ve done the self-love work.
No……….. today is the first day, the first step back to you.
You will love the person you’re about to rediscover.