Your 2020 Year Word

Have you ever created your one word to describe your yearly focus?
I have noticed that when you do this, you stay on track. You achieve
beyond your expectations.
For 2019, my word was
Here it is late November and I have not had a drop. It’s been easy. I have not even thought about having one.
You see, I set myself up with all the Live Love Gems (my toolkit) required to ensure this would happen.
Now I am looking to my 2020 focus.
I have bounced around a couple of ideas
Chocolate-free, Speaking, then the perfect word came to me…………
I’ve been a Beyond Loss Mentor, Speaker and Author for a while. One that loves to share the GIFT of LOSS: How to create a better everyday life for all who have suffered any kind of loss.
Now is the time for me to be more visible.
More conversations. More speaking gigs. More videos. More events.
More of me spreading how life is too short for any of us to be grieving and suffering.
2020 is my VISIBILITY Year.
This means that every time I do something professionally, I ask “Is this making me more visible? If the answer is NO, then I do not do it!!
Watch this happen!
What is your 2020 word?
Also if you’re looking for an inspirational speaker, great TV, podcast and/or radio guest. Please reach out.