Have you ever felt that we approach death and funerals all
For way too long we have been taught that death is a
solemn time.
I have found this approach to hinder the grief recovery process.
Let’s start with the funeral.
Actually, lets break down the word……. Fun-er-al. Hmm, maybe
we are mispronouncing it, which is causing us all to act
I feel it should be pronounced Fun-‘er-all.
Fun For All
Have you been to many that truly celebrate life? A lot of cultures,
mainly indigenous, have music with lots of dancing and
movement as a way of celebrating life.
A new perspective that assist me to celebrate life is to realise that
the person has moved onto their next adventure.
They do not want you to be sad. They are still around in every
way except in the physical.
I understand this may be hard to grasp. Personally, I’ve already
started planning my Fun-‘er-all………… not that I’m leaving this
realm for at least 30 years!!
For the past five years, on my birthday, I’ve been filmed dancing
to Queen’s Another One Bites the Dust!! I’ll have 35+ snippets,
played as everyone is told to stop being sad, get up and join me
in one last dance to this iconic song.
How will your life is celebrated, when you move onto your next