How do you think “Future You” would respond?

For me, if I answered this questioned in 2012, she would not have been happy.

At the time, most people would have said “Wow, Karen you are successful. You have it all together. Career, family, home, wealth.”

Though in hindsight I was living in a ground-hog day daze.
I was working too much, eating too much and drinking even more!

Tragedy had to strike for me to even realise this.
Yes, that is right.

I was following the supposed success path.

The one so many of us follow without even taking the time to find out if it is the right path for us.

Did you realise that there are an infinite number of paths to follow?

Most that allow you to embrace all nine areas of life, in the four Live Love Life Pillars:
1. All About You.
2. All About Your Relationships.
3. All About Your Expertise.
4. All About Your Wealth-Creation.

How are you spending your time?

Are all areas in tip-top condition?

Now is the time for you to course correct (if you have to).
Don’t wait for tragedy to strike.

I look forward to reading your comments below what “future you” has to say about “present you.”

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