“Divorce, is like having open heart surgery, whilst you’re awake,
not really knowing whether all the bits and pieces will be put back
together again.”
When these words were said on a TV show, they really hit home.
What a brilliant analogy. For not only divorce but for all major loss
Thankfully, I’ve never been divorced. Though I know many who
have. I’ve even assisted some to move beyond and create an
even better life.
Divorce is not any easy decision. For either party. It may seem so,
for one partner more than the other.
Though it’s not.
They obviously loved each other once. Sure, maybe not now,
nonetheless they did get married. They may even have children
Both parties can recover from the emotional pain. Eventually
coming to a place where they have a happy and loving
relationship with each other.
How great would that be? Especially for the children?
It’s all about becoming complete with the past. To stop the
reliving, repeating and reprimanding.
Through guided actions steps, you can easily come to love and
gratitude, about your new situation.
It’s a choice. Your choice.
Afterall, we all, have these moments in life where something
changes us.
What perceived negative moments have changed you for the