You have to love the world we live in.

Yesterday am article from Keynoteworthy was shared by one of my LI connections calling out for women speakers.

Keynoteworthy’s missions is to make events more inclusive by ensuring a balanced line-up of speakers at every event and conference.

We all know diversity, leads to a broad spectrum of ideas, opinions, better thinking and ultimately, a more enjoyable event.

As my vision is to create a better everyday life for all who have suffered any kind of loss, I completed my application to become one of their speakers.

I also tagged some speaker’s connection to do likewise.

In the comments below, is a link to my profile page.

The main reason for sharing my profile, is to inspire others to think about how we do events.

Today, more than ever, there is a huge appetite for real stories from everyday people and Keynoteworthy aims to be a place to amplify these voices.

From my profile you can join the speaker line up for free. Please tag your friends and colleagues who may be interested.

Do you have a message that you’re ready to share that will make a difference in other’s lives?

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