How to unwrap the gift of loss – Step 2 Accept

Today we reveal the second step in unwrapping the Gift of Loss.
About 15 months after my son Dan, died at my back door, I had another major loss event occur.
With over 40 different loss events that can happen in our life, we will all have multiple major losses and many, many minor ones.
This time it was in relation to my job.
I had to choose whether to go with the newly merged company, not as CFO though “doing everything I’m doing now and more”, for less pay or to choose redundancy.
Initially I was peeved. How dare they treat me this way, I have given them my life.
Though very quickly (within 24 hours), I realised that even though I thought it was my job that I loved, it was actually the money.
They gave me the greatest gift you can give anyone. They gave me back my life and my health.
Have you found it hard to ACCEPT any of your loss events?
Enjoy watching the video and seeing why accepting your loss event is such an important step in your recovery process.