Have you ever felt compelled to do something, to follow a
certain path, even though many of your friends and loved ones
are perplexed as to why you would want to do so?
That has been me for the past fews of years.
I have been learning new concepts, a new perspective, gaining
all the wisdom required to become The Beyond Loss Expert.
Knowing all along, that every step, every action, every set
back, was leading me to a place where I can truly make a
difference in other people’s lives.
Driven, so I could make their beyond loss journey a little easier,
than the road that I had travelled.
All the programs, my 1-2-1 and group mentoring have been
brought together in The Beyond Loss Retreat.
A 3 day event, designed to create a better everyday life for
anyone who has suffered any kind of loss.
The retreat will be held at the Mantra on Salt Beach, NSW
Australia, from Friday 8th May to Sunday 10th May 2020.
It’s a safe place for both women and men.
For more information visit
If you’d like more personal details about the retreat, please
type “Yes please” in the comments below or PM me.
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