Important things

Have you ever noticed that special achievements, lead to other big self-defining moments and events?
Recently, as I was presented with my 20-year CPA membership pin, I
reflected on the sacrifices made to achieve it.
After leaving school at the equivalent of year 11, my bank career led me to Dreamworld where my amazing CFO suggested I get my ‘bit of paper’.
I was 38, married with three teenage boys and expected to work 50+ hrs
It all made sense, as Bond Uni has 3 semesters p.y. and classed my 20+yrs work as my undergrad.
15 subjects later studying part time, I completed my Master of Accounting in 2.33 years.
Then 2 yrs later my CPA status. The hardest exams ever ~ multiple choice with double negative choices.
Without CPA status, I would never have been a publicly listed company CFO, as you must be a CPA or CA.
As we’re the sum of all our past experiences, without my CPA, I would not be the person I’m today.
And I really like her.
Especially the way she challenges the status quo by asking “Is there room in the modern workplace to be more human?”
Providing tangible solutions that help companies to assist their people purpose and profits to thrive.
Are there any major achievements that stand out and define