The gift of loss pathway

“I feel so much lighter. I have spoken to many people about this
course. The process is incredible. It provides you with an ongoing
“life tracking” system that once you learn it, you can utilise it
when your next “life loss event” occurs. Thank you so much.
I can see why it’s called the “Gift of Loss.” No more unnecessary
grieving and suffering for me!”
This message made my day. It highlights, why I do what I do.
For far too long we’ve been taught to accumulate things and
people, though we were never taught what to do when we lose
We suffer so much because of this oversight.
Loss is a natural part of life. We have ups and downs. They assist
us to learn and grow. They help us to appreciate the little things
in life, that are sometimes taken for granted.
With over 40 different loss events that can occur in our life, we’ll
all have multiple losses occur. Actually, on average, we’ll have a
major loss event every 13 years.
Have you unwrapped the Gift of Loss from all your major loss
By the time you are 40, you’ll have 3-4 loss relationships that
you’ve not completed.
This weighs us down. Stops us from creating our joyous life.
Can you relate?
Are you ready to stop suffering and unwrap the Gift of Loss?
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