Can you help my friend?

Just recently I had the same conversation about two different people. I really listened!

“Can your Beyond Loss Retreat help my friend?”
“Tell me about her situation.”

“Well, her 11 year old son is in the process of transitioning into her daughter and she’s not coping.”

To which I replied, “Yes I can and she will be in a better place for herself and her daughter by Sunday night.

We take everyone through a detailed process that will assist her to lovingly complete her relationship with her son, so she can have a healthy emotional relationship with her daughter.

”I felt honored and blessed that I had the solution to assist not one but two people who felt very alone in their kind of loss event.

We’re not taught how to be there for our friends and family when loss occurs.

Your child transitioning is not an everyday event you expect. Though it’s coming more and more common.

Losing your child under any circumstance is not easy. We have hopes, dreams and aspirations for them.

Realising these won’t come to fruition is hard.Though isn’t it great to know that you can move beyond any kind of loss?

And more importantly that there is a way for you to assist your friends and family when loss of any kind comes into their life?

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