My Favorite Cup

Recently, my favourite teacup accidentally broke.

It was a T2 multi coloured pattern of birds, leaves and flowers.

It was stunning.

I always regretted only buying one, they never made them again.

Anyway, just as the cup was breaking, I said, “oh no, why did I do that?” At the very same instance, my inner voice yelled, “remember what you saw on FB the other day?”

I did and then mentally, started creating my new desk ornament.

It was physically completed the next morning.
(Picture below.)

This is how I mentor people, to move beyond any kind of loss and create a better everyday life.

We look at all that has happened.

Deep diving into it all – many forgotten and sometimes painful events.

We lovingly and gratefully say goodbye to the pieces that no longer serve them.

Then we add a little bit of this and a lot of gems, that they can utilise for the rest of their lives.

Eventually assisting them to find the person, that has been lost and weighed down by all of that stuff.

They blossom and grow.

Becoming all they were meant to be.

Have dreamt to be.

Can you relate?

Is there a past loss event that is stopping you from blossoming and living your dream life?

#beyondloss #lovelife #loveyou