Maybe Divorce is the Happy Ever After

Have you ever felt that divorce maybe how you get your “happy ever after?”

Many times, our ideological beliefs, cling us to things even thoughwe know deep down that it is not right.

Recently I mentored Chloe, (32), who came to me as she felt suicidal after the loss of her marriage.

She did not know what to do now. Who to be now.

She had totally thrown herself into the marriage and motherhood.

Now she did not know how to be an independent woman, who is also a single mum.

Unfortunately, I see this a lot.

Woman thinking that they have to be this super woman, giving to all, forgetting about their own needs and desires.

They become half a person.

Requiring the other person to complete them.

Chloe resonated with, “If you feel there is something missing in your life, maybe that something is YOU!”Through my Beyond Loss Virtual Retreat program, Chloe slowly started to remember her true self.

Realising that the marriage wasnever going to work, as she was not being truthful.She had silenced her voice.

Unwrapping the Gift of Loss gave her a clear path forward.

Though more importantly, she now knows that every relationship requires two complete people in it.

Your role is to complete you. That is how you achieve your “Happy ever after.”

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