Have you read my ebook Life After Loss? (Click on the link to download)

I wrote this book because most people have never been taught how to deal or cope with loss. Especially multiple ones. Most of us get stuck and many people don’t move on after they lose someone or something important to them.

In fact, the National Library of Medicine lead a study in Finland across 800,000 widowed people (both male and female), and conclusively found that the hypothesis of dying after the loss of a partner is scientifically accurate.

The scientific cause of death was determined to be the STRESS of the LOSS.

Now, I realise you may not have lost a partner. But you may have lost a child, a mother or father, a close friend, your marraige, your career and had many other losses.

The reality is that this loss effected you because it is a loss of your old life – your identity. That’s where you need help.

And I believe THIS IS THE REASON you are reading this post today.

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear… There’s a reason you clicked on this post and there’s a reason you’re still reading this blog right now.

I want to help you discover the gift of your loss and show you the identity you can now have and become, living after your loss.

I know that may be hard for you to fathem right now, but you are reading this because there is something waiting for you – for you to receive – because of your loss.

Recently I hosted ‘The Recovering from Multiple Losses’ Virtual event and I’d like you to give yourself permission to watch the replay.

If you are suffering, struggling to pull yourself together, or feeling ready to figure this out, (click the event picture, on the right ) and you can watch this amazing session.

This recording is complimentary – my gift to you because I think we can get stuck in our many loss events and I really want to share this gift with you. When you get lost in your suffering, it’s hard to see a way to recover and move forward.

The reason I do this work is because I know that every person I share this gift of loss with will be rewarded with the life they truly have been seeking – the one you dreamt of when you were a little child.

You can have that – and – you can have it today. But, most importantly, your life will enrich the people around you as a result of learning from the loss.

So please take the time to watch and learn from this incredible event.

With love and gratitude,