Loss is tough. It’s the most difficult thing, I believe, we ever go through in life.

We’re never taught how to deal with loss. And there’s this tiny window where we are “allowed” or expected by society to be recovered from our loss events.

When it occurs more than once, within a close timeframe, let’s face it – it is debilitating!

I hear from one person after another that the second or the third loss is when they enter into the daze and struggle to get back on their feet.

It happened to me too.

My friends and colleagues expected me to be over it after a week…

After the funeral, or after the separation, or after a week of losing a job.

Getting stuck in the daze is the hardest thing to come out of – especially if you have isolated yourself or aren’t getting results doing what you are doing…

The day to day of doing the same thing and not knowing where the day went.

Or shutting out the people in your life because they don’t understand.

Or having people separate from you.

These are all very hard to live with.

I didn’t have a path. I didn’t have support that really understood what I was going through.

I needed a different perspective – but there wasn’t anything out there.

It’s what made me build my Live Love by Design process and community.

I needed people that were experiencing similar losses to me, and I needed guidance and support to process the loss of my son and my redundancy.

If you are stuck in your loss, feeling like you can’t see the forest through the trees – feeling lost in the daze, I understand.

If you are ready to find a way out, I’d love to share my process and share a few of the amazing people in my community that have been able to get through the daze and find the courage to embrace the gift and power their losses were able to provide them.

I genuinely believe that the person on the other side of your loss event (or the person you lost) never intended to hurt you or cause you unending suffering. They would want to see you live beyond this loss…

This is why I created “Recovering from Multiple Losses” webinar.

Click here to watch and please reach out if you have any questions.

With Love and Gratitude,