Last week, I created what I feel is the best piece of content I’ve created this year.

The “Recovering for Multiple Losses” broadcast is really important for anyone suffering from more than one loss.

I share stories of others that were struggling with broken partnerships/divorces, death in the family, and especially getting out of what I call the “DAZE” stage of grief. (I believe it’s the most difficult stage to get out of.)

Loss shows up in over 40 different ways. Little things like..

  • having a baby,
  • becoming an empty nester,
  • being separated from your children or grandchildren,
  • losing a dog,
  • losing a job you love,
  • or even moving house.

You may think that it’s just one major loss, but often smaller compounded losses on top of a major loss event that lock in the “daze”, bad habits, or isolation…

You can watch “Recovering from Multiple Losses” over the next few days.

It’s just over 40 minutes.

Here is the link to watch “Recovering from Multiple Losses”

Reach out if you have any questions.

With Love and Gratitude,