The Beginners Mind

Buddhists sometimes speak of the ‘beginner’s mind’ – that which assumes nothing and therefore is open to everything. A spiritual psychologist might call this the ‘inner child’, as it is innocent, curious, unfixed and always learning.

It does not get stuck on it being one way or another. There is openness to the unknown with curiosity instead.

Imagine if you could recapture ‘your unknowingness’ in regards to how to move beyond loss. Being open to this time in your life, possibly being the beginning of new and wonderful things about to happen for you.

So often we get stuck in the ‘this is how you do, this or that’, because that is the way we have done it for centuries.

Though, remember when we go back to when we did not know how to do this or that, we were open to possibilities.

And the beautiful thing is that life gets much more energising and interesting when you are open and don’t hold expectations about what will be.

Or what should be!

I am forever grateful that my unknowingness led me to seek at different way to do loss…………..any kind of loss. When I first lost my son Dan, over nine years ago, I followed the “just keep busy’” and “just give it time” advice.

I went into my ground hog day daze of avoidance.

Which lasted for over 15 months.

Actually, to be honest, probably without the universe throwing another huge loss at me, I may still be stuck in that avoidance loop. The next big loss was me choosing redundancy when the company was merging with another.

That was when I knew that the Universe had my back and would probably keep throwing loss at me, until I woke up from the daze and looked for a better way.

Does this sound familiar?

Have you gone from loss, to loss, to loss to loss?

Are you feeling that you don’t really know yourself, your relationships or your place in the world as you once did?

If you are feeling that what you once held to be certain now seems to be a little shaky ~ these are signs for you to allow your ‘beginner’s mind’ to take control.

Reach out and let’s bring you new perceptions that will free you to be in the world in new ways.

With Love and Gratitude,