It’s Starting to Look a Lot Like……

It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas………………

And this means for many a lonely and not so ideal time. I understand what you may be going through. I’ve been there. It could be an empty seat at the table. Or you’re in a completely different place to where you were last year ~ physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially.

A relationship you thought would last for ever has ended and you are not happy about it. You feel lost and alone. Overwhelmed by it all. I understand what you may be going through. As I was consciously bringing today’s email together, Spirit, God, The Universe (whatever you prefer to call our Creator) guided me towards somethings to share.

Firstly, Forgiveness.

Forgiveness is probably one of the most misunderstood complex emotion. In my Beyond Loss program, I deep dive into Forgiveness though today I thought it best to share another’s perspective. Today, Oprah popped up on my phone. Sharing her not so ideal relationship with her mother. Her mother was only 17 when she was born. Oprah’s young life was one of abandonment, abuse and not a lot of love. Though when her mother was dying, she realised that she had to forgive her for the way things had been.

By then, as a mature woman, Oprah had come to this Forgiveness realisation:

“Forgiveness is giving up the Hope that the past could have been any different. Forgiveness is accepting that it has happened to you. Not that its ok. Just that it has happened. Letting go so that the past does not hold you prisoner. Forgiveness is like medicine; it can heal your pain. It can bring you peace and ultimately it allows you to be free. Forgiveness is the GIFT you give to YOURSELF.”

Very powerful, thank you Oprah. What do you think? From this perspective are you able to forgive, all the dark mass you may have been carrying around?

After listening to Oprah, I then came into my office and decided to draw today’s daily guidance card.

Today I chose Kyle Gray’s “The Angle Guide Oracle.” I nearly fell off the chair when I turned the card over and saw the words “Forgiveness and Understanding.”

Hmm……… maybe more guidance to share with you today:

“Forgiveness is a correction to human vision, an opportunity to see through the eyes of the soul and ultimately it gives us an idea of what it’s like to see through the eyes of our angels. Whatever the situation that feels heavy on your heart right now, when this card appears your angel guide is inviting you to release it. You aren’t being asked to accept bad behaviour or let it go, but to realise that the only person who’s truly being affected by your unforgiving thoughts and feelings is you. You don’t deserve to have past events get in the way of present happiness. So call in your angels and ask them to help you step into the energy of forgiveness. Even if you don’t know how to forgive the willingness to do it will be enough.”

I trust that this will assist you to be able to forgive, any person or thing that may be getting in the way of you having an amazing and fun filled Christmas.  Remember, you above everyone else deserve your Love and Forgiveness!

The next thing that I was guided to share is this quote from my Wayne Dyer, Hay House calendar:

When you deep dive into this quote, I feel that it is guiding us to have a beautiful and joyous Christmas (well life, though for now let’s stick to the one day!). When you feel darkness all around you, it’s ideal to look for the Light in your life. Then focus on that. It may be a little speck, though the more you focus on it, the more it will grow………….. and continue to grow. When you Hate someone or something, look for the parts of that someone or something that you Love.

Come on, there is always something. Sure, at the moment, you may be inundated with the things that you HATE, though start to see the speck that you can LOVE. You did once. It may not be as it once was, though now you can create a more loving new relationship going forward. One where the newfound love will be greater than the things you HATE. I promise that eventually this will become a reality! Just change your HATE perspective to LOVE.

Then, the last guidance from the quotes, is to know that, Spirit always cancels problems.

More than likely, your mind went to the alcohol spirits and whilst for a while this may be the case, though long term, alcohol seems to escalate problems. Personally, I love knowing that I have these spirit guides all around me. They are great listeners and always there to assist. All I have to do is ask. Sometimes, just through writing down my problems, they seem to be not so big, after all. Or I’m guided to a way to move beyond them. All because I took the time to check in with Spirit.

Guiding us all to Love and Gratitude.

A perfect spot for me to close todays post.

I trust that this assists in some small way for you to be able to celebrate a Very Merry Christmas. Hopefully with your loved ones.

Make every day Meaningful Memorable and Magical.

Stay well and always remember that there is great love here for you.

With Love and Gratitude