Visiting Hours in Heaven

Have you seen Ed Sheeran’s “Visiting Hours” performance? It’s a new song that he performed at the State Memorial for Michael Gudinski? He wrote it during his 2 week quarantine so he could perform at the Memorial.

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As I watched and listened to Ed’s very moving performance, I was transfixed listening to the words. So much so that after the performance I went looking for them. And I’ve posted a graphic for you at the bottom of this email. The whole concept of having Visiting Hours in Heaven, is life changing.

Just imagine, being able to go and visit your passed loved and be able to tell them about your day. What’s happening in your life. Ask their advice or opinion on something that needs their unique perspective. Then when Visiting Hours were over, how much you would be asking them to pack up their things and come back to earth with you.

Sounds idyllic. Sounds transformational. The way that it should be.

Hey, wait a minute it is the way that it is. Sure, you cannot go there in the physical sense. You don’t physically connect with them. Chat with them. Though we do connect with them.

We do travel to them each night in our dreams and they are constantly travelling with us when we are a awake. Showing us signs that they are with us. Though sometime we miss the signs. Because our vibration is too low for us to connect to them.

Are you aware that the higher we vibrate the easier it is for us to connect to our Loved Ones?

Have a look at David R. Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness:

What do you feel is your current Conscious Level?

Are you in the Expanded or Contracted zone?

Do you ever consciously look for a way to connect to a Better Feeling Thought and move up the scale?

Imagine your life if you had the “know how” and the clarity to be able to bring yourself up the scale to be in Joy and Fulfillment?

Well it is possible.

Joy and Fulfillment are the Intention behind me creating the Revitalise Your Life 45-day series.

It is specifically designed so that you can reconnect to you. So that you can vibrate higher.

So that you can feel expanded in all that you do. In all areas of your life.

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Have a great week and make every day Meaningful Memorable and Magical.

Stay well and always remember that there is great love here for you.

With Love and Gratitude