It’s Desire Sunday

Welcome to the “Desire” edition of “It’s Sun Day: Your Day to Shine”

Desire can be a wonderful tool. A powerful catalyst that leads to creating and achieving all of your dreams.

Imagine having the propensity (a deeply ingrained instinct) to feel empowered and to know that you have the ability to sense that your desires will be fulfilled.

Today’s Sun Day activity is to deep dive into Your DESIRES.

To understand what it is and then to understand how your desires can become your reality.


When you start to see Desire more as a compass, you’ll become connected to your motivation that moves you towards your desired outcomes.. It becomes an ‘Inner Knowing’ that you can learn to trust, even more than your own reasoning or logic. Trusting desire is directly related to your relationships with your body, your inner knowing. This is because the visceral feeling of desire comes from a more primal place in your bodies.

It is often a result of not listening to your body that can cause you to become lost in your chaotic mind trying to figure out what you want. Stuck in the intellect listening to what you, society, friends, family, and partners all think you should want. When we don’t trust our bodies we do not trust ourselves. When you dismiss what your body is communicating, you miss out on the wealth of information and a knowing that comes from within. Slowly as you begin to feel your desire and trust your body, you will allow your desire to pull you towards the many things you desire ~ in all areas of your live.

The more you feel your desire, the more you’ll create a magnet for the things that you want in life.

The first step to living you ideal life, is allowing yourself to feel desire. Desire typically shows up as yearning, craving, wanting, with an internal pull. The feeling of desire can be hard to detect, because of the loud stories of fear playing on full blast within your mind.

Through healing your relationship with desire and trusting the communication, you’ll be open to feeling into it,. Without the doubt, insecurity, shame, and possibly guilt you may have previously felt. Sit in the feeling of wanting. Slowly re-awaken your sleeping hunger for the things desired and abandoned long ago. This gives your desire breathing room to exist. Ultimately, giving yourself permission to be who you’ve always desired to be!.Our desires are such a strong, undeniable pull within us.

Never let someone else’s small mind to convinve you that your desires are unrealistic. The more time we take to feel into them, the easier it is for you to move past the doubt that may be stopping your desires from coming into fruition. The road to fulfilling all your desires in life, is one of dedication, daily commitment and motivating yourself to ensure that you’re following the sometimes long and lonely road to the end.

What steps will you take today that will ensure that your Desires will be fulfilled?

Remember to Make Every Day, Meaningful Memorable and Magical.

Stay well and always know that there is great love here for you.

With Love and Gratitude