Let’s Start Listening

Welcome to the “Listen” edition of “It’s Sun Day: Your Day to Shine”

Did you know that most of us spend 70% to 80% of our waking hours in some type of communication? Of which 45% of that time is dedicated to listening.

Other studies have found that most of us are poor listeners. One study shows that after a 10-minute presentation only 50% of the information was retained.

The ability to listen well in any interaction is vital for us to thrive in all areas of your life.

The first step is to understand what listening is and how it differs from hearing.

Enjoy your ‘Listening’ Deep Dive Sun Day.

Take time to Celebrate You, Today and All Days!

Listening Vs Hearing

There is one basic difference between listening and hearing: 

Hearing is a physical act while listening is the act of hearing while also retaining and comprehending the information.

Your Ten-Step Guide to Better Listening

Face the speaker

Keep an open mind

Listen to ideas not words

Don’t interrupt

Wait for pause for questions

Ask questions

Be attentive

Feel speakers feelings

Give feedback

Pay attention to what is not said.

Now, Let’s explore ~ Consciously Lovingly Hearing.

Consciously Lovingly Hearing involves three major facets. When you actively practice these facets daily you’ll easily enhance your listening skills. They are:

  1. The Way That You Talk to Yourself

Here are some questions for your to contemplate today:

  • Would you say the same things to your bestie, as you do to yourself?
  • Would they continue to be your bestie, after those conversations?
  • Where do you feel the chatter is coming from: your beliefs, social norms, your friends, things that have happened in the past or unrealistic stereo types?
  1. Listening to Others

Knowledge is power.  A lot of what you know today has come through listening and learning from others. Afterall, we don’t know what we don’t know. Though are you taking the time to listen to many different perspectives? Gathering all viewpoints before you decide what perspective is right for you?

  1. Listening to Your Inner Knowing

Many times, we spend our time listening to others, taking their advice, course correcting to the latest trend, fad idea and we forget to listen to ourselves.

  • To listen to what is right for us.
  • To trust that we know what is best for us.
  • To know our inner dreams and desires.
  • To know what lights, us up and what dims our light.

It is afterall, Our Life! The more we tune into our inner knowing to more we will trust and know that we already have the answers inside of us. That when we listen and follow it, we will end up where we would like to be.

Having good listening skills will improve your whole life. Assisting you to live a joyous, happy, prosperous and fulfilled life, with many loving and meaningful relationships.

Now, that is a WRAP for Sun Day the 30th May 2021: Your Day to Shine.

Enjoy your day, deep diving into you and your listening habits.

Make Every Day, Meaningful Memorable and Magical.

Stay well and always remember that there is great love here for you.

With Love and Gratitude