Want More Freedom in Your Life?

Welcome to the “Your Freedom” edition of “It’s Sun Day: Your Day to Shine”

Today, is Sunday the 6th June 2021.

Earlier in the week my second grandson, Austin was born.

As I started to consider what today’s theme would be I was guided to Virginia Satir.

Virginia Satir (1916-1988) was a popular American author, psychotherapist and social worker. She was affectionately known as the ‘Mother of Family.’

Today we will deep dive into some of her infamous quotes and espacially the “Five Authentic Freedom Values” that when embraced will lead you to living your best life, creating the most ideal relationships with yourself and others.

Take time to Celebrate You, Today and All Days!

“Five Authentic Freedom Values”

Are you being true to you? Honouring all parts of you; both your Golden and Shadow side? The more that we shine light on our shadow side and own them, the easier it is for us to step beyond the Shame and the Guilt, allowing our Golden side to shine. Virginia Satir created these five freedom values. They are an ideal guide for us all to embrace, as they lead us towards a better and more authentic way of living.

The Five Freedoms are:

#1. To See and Hear

what is here instead of what it should be, was or will be.

#2. To Say

what one feels and thinks instead of what one should.

#3. To Feel

what one feels instead of what one ought to.

#4. To Ask

for what one wants instead of always waiting for permission

#5. To Take Risks

on your behalf instead of being only secure and not rocking the boat.

Today’s ME Time exercise is for you to deep dive into how true you are currently being to these five authentic freedom values. Then spend sometime looking at ways that you may be able to introduce these Freedoms into your life. Your future begins today, so you will never find a better time to start that journey towards your authentic self.

Have fun with this.

Now, that is a WRAP for Sun Day the 6th June 2021: Your Day to Shine.

Enjoy your day, deep diving into you and your authentic freedoms.

Always remember that above all else you deserve to show the world your authentic self.

Have an amazing week. Make it Meaningful Memorable and Magical.

Stay well and always remember that there is great love here for you.

With Love and Gratitude