No Regrets

Thank you for deciding to spend some time with me this Sunday the 12th of September 2021.

This week I’ve had many people say that they have regrets in regard to this or that.

As I’m a great believer that everything happens for a reason and that just because something ends doesn’t mean it never should’ve been, today lets deep dive into ways that can ensure that when you go onto your next adventure (yes, I’m talking about when you die!) you will have minimal, if any regrets.

Enjoy this deep dive……….your life will thank you!

All Life is an Experiment

“All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make, the better.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Embracing Ralph Waldo Emerson (American Philosopher) infamous words, is the easiest way to begin to let go of regret.

You realise that there is no such thing as a mistake-free life. Emerson’s words inspires me to have the heart of a learner versus wearing the heart of a wounded person on my sleeves.

Here are some additional tips to assist you to stop feeling shame, sadness or remorse about decisions you’ve made in the past.

1. Answer these questions. How am I going to fulfill all my Hopes, Dreams and Aspirations, if I am spending all of my energy and time regretting my past choices? How can I live in the present and ensure that moving forward all my actions leave no crumbs that may lead to Regrets, Remorse or Guilt?

2. Apologise. Now before you get all uptight about this, your apology does not have to be in person. You can write a letter, a sincere letter, where you explain what happened. Why you acted as you did. No excuses, just a simple genuine explanation. Then read the letter to a trusted friend. Just have them listen. No commenting is necessary. The person the letter is written to will feel the apology energetically. Whether they are in this world or beyond. This will release your regret forever………… Promise!

3. Put everything into perspective. Focus on the billions worldwide who absolutely don’t care about the mistakes you made in the past or the people you might have wronged.

4. Let them go up in smoke. Write out everything you regret. Write next to every regret the name of the emotion that this regret brings up for you. Now tear the paper up and place it into a suitable container so that you can strike a match and light the paper. As you watch the paper burn and be released into the Universe, notice how your regrets and the associated emotions are released from your body simultaneously.

5. Have you allowed this regret to become more than it was? Separate the reality of the regretful situation from the picture that remorse has painted in your mind. Grab a piece of paper and write out the whole event as it happened. List all the players. Be honest. Was it all really your fault? Remember that there are two people in every relationship.

6. Focus on Gratitude. Write about things each day that you value and appreciate. Spend more time and energy thinking about the positive than the negative. You’ll notice a gradual shift in feeling calmer, freer and happier.

Now, that is a WRAP for Sun Day the 12th of September 2021: Your Day to Shine.

I trust that this will assist you to leave your regrets in the past.

Start to see every event in your life as an experiment. When you do this, you can easily create a list of things you’d like to STOP doing, CONTINUE doing and START doing.

This gives you your template for how you can ensure that moving forward you will have no regrets.

Oh and another way to double make sure this happens, start saying ‘YES’ to things that scare you!

Have an amazing week. Make it Meaningful Memorable and Magical.

Stay well and always remember that there is great love here for you.

With Love and Gratitude