What is a Spiritual Practice

There are countless activities and rituals that could be deemed spiritual practices. Anything that allows you to quiet your mind and connect with your deepest self could be considered a spiritual practice. Some ideas are meditation, conscious breathing, journaling, reading spiritual texts, yoga, going for a walk, painting, dancing, writing in a gratitude journal, singing/chanting and playing golf.

A daily spiritual practice refers to any ritual that you perform each day to nurture your deep inner being. A spiritual practice quiets the mind and brings you into a state of peace and/or harmony with yourself. A spiritual practice can take many forms, but it is not the form that matters so much as the intent. In fact, a spiritual practice does not even need to be explicitly spiritual to be effective. It simply needs to be something that helps you turn inward and connect with your own truth and purpose.

Self-inquiry, self-awareness and self-acceptance are the roots and foundation of a daily spiritual practice. As you deepen your connection to your Source, the Essence of who you are will expand and grow. When we practice a spiritual practice, we can connect back to our Higher Self, we can remove ourselves from the constant chatter, emotions and our physical form.

That is where we are pure love, we know its infinite and where there is a stream of ideas coming to us, to assist us on our journey.

Some Conscious Spiritual Practices

1. Taking a Conscious Loving Breaths. Breathing exercises are the best medicine mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. A couple of times a day start to consciously breathe, do a couple of deep belly breathing techniques and before long you will stop thinking of your body as something that carries you from place to place, as you’ll realise your spirit is carrying your body!

2. Daily Gratitude. Study after study have shown the importance of gratitude and it’s essential, positive impact on our social, physical, psychological and emotional well-being. These modern scientific results are merely a capstone on the echoes of age-old wisdom which has been whispering about the importance of an attitude of gratitude since the beginning. By consciously appreciating everything in your life, your perspective will begin to shift, assisting you to realise that you probably have more than you require.

3.Dance Like No-One is WatchingYes, that is right, it’s time for you to get off the couch and dance like no-one is watching. It does not matter if you think you can dance or not, it’s time for you to start receiving all the benefits that numerous studies have shown, namely that dancing can help you lose weight, stay flexible, reduce stress, make friends, feel great and it’s a perfect way to start and end each day. Turn on your favourite music and start moving those hips as it’s a great way to keep your body and mind healthy. We store so much stale energy in our hips, so let’s shake it out! Start reaping the many Physical and Spiritual health benefits from dancing today

4. Seeks Your Answers From Within. Initially, looking for answers from within may seem a little strange, though the more you practice the daily exercise of asking yourself your deep and meaningful questions, the easier your answers will flow to you. So much so, that self-checking in will become an automatic way of life. You’ll be surprised with how more easily your Dream Life is created, just through this one simple daily practice!!

Start with these three questions (or come up with your own):

  • What did I do today that I will do the same next time?
  • What did I do today that I will do differently next time?
  • What did I learn about the world, the people around me and myself today?

5. Meditate Rather Than Medicate Meditating is an amazing way to start and finish each day. Meditation is about training your mind to focus and concentrate. There are many studies that show what happens to our brains when we meditate. There are also just as many different ways to meditate as there are studies. Start researching the most ideal one for you. Just know that you can meditate. Everyone can. Keep searching until you have found your most ideal one. Then you’ll tap into Pure Consciousness. That’s the field of infinite possibilities; the field of pure potentiality; the field of intention orchestrating its own fulfillment; the field of pure creativity; the field of observer effect; its everything right in that gap………….. between this world and our spiritual home!

6. Balance Your Chakra’s. A great way to create balance in your life is to tune into your chakras each day. You have seven main energy centres that run through your body. They begin in your sacrum and run up your spine ending just outside the top of your head. Each chakra represents life issues, corresponding to specific areas of your body. With each of the associated body parts holding information about you and your life. It’s no coincidence that there’s seven main chakras and seven days to each week. Ideally create an easy 5-10 minute daily ritual to balance a particular chakra.


Now, that is a WRAP for Sun Day the 31st of October 2021: Your Day to Shine.

Start experimenting with different practices from the Spiritual Gem Box to find what works for you; based on your lifestyle, work habits, family situation, and available time. Then through consistent focus, your spiritual practice will enhance both your spiritual evolution and your physical life, as you begin to integrate the practices, tools and insights into your daily life.

Have an amazing week. Make it Meaningful Memorable and Magical. And always remember “that there is Great Love Here for You.”

With Love and Gratitude





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