BBG The People Profits Connection Presentation

The People & Profits Connection How to easily motivate your employees and increase profits. Have you ever felt, ‘surely there must be an easier way to motivate staff?’

During her C.F.O days., Karen Chaston asked this question all the time. Though in order to find the ‘Golden Nugget’ answer, she had to leave her corporate life and become a life coach who specialises in Loss. Karen understands the frustrations most leaders are experiencing when expecting their employees to be present and productive whilst leaving their problems at the door.

The People Profits Connection (PPC) is the single largest productively gain you’ve been seeking. It was created when Karen reflected upon, how easier her corporate life would have been if she had had the same intelligence around ‘People & Loss’ as she did about ‘Profit & Loss.’ PPC provides tangible solutions, that once embraced, will assist you to fine-tune employee recognition and engagement. Creating a company where everyone is an engaged stakeholder in making the best possible product, whilst offering the best possible service, whilst building the strongest possible company.

During this session, Karen incorporates powerful stories together with tangible solutions that ensure that you will learn:

  • How to assist your employees to rock up each and every day, present and productive
  • The benefits from valuing employees as your Greatest Assets
  • The three ‘must-have’ insights that ensure your people, purpose and profits are thriving.

This session is a must for any manager looking for ways to reduce staff turnover whilst increasing staff morale, productivity and profits.


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