Have you ever felt surely there must be an easier way to motivate your staff?

When I was a C.F.O. of a publicly listed company I was continually seeking ways to make this become a reality. I had this vision of everyone being an engaged stakeholder in ensuring that we had the best possible product, whilst offering the best possible service, whilst building the strongest possible company.

The funny thing is that I had to leave my corporate career and become a Beyond Loss Expert, Speaker and Author, in order to find the solution. One that ensure that your people, purpose and profits are thriving

The first step in creating a Team-dynamic workplace may be one of the hardest steps you will ever take. I call it The You Factor and it involves you deep diving into you. All of you not just the professional you.

We all play so many roles in a day. Yet sometimes we seem to sleepwalk through some of them. Not really being present and showing up fully for the other relationships that are part of that role.

And then we wonder why things are not going so well in that space.

Most people never take the time to define what success means to them. And they wonder why they are not measuring up to someone else’s definition. And how could they? We are all unique we are all here for a different reason for a different purpose. So how could someone else’s definition be ideal for us?

When you know who you are, where you currently are and fully understand all your hopes dreams and aspirations, for all areas of your life, you then can fully take charge of your complete life.

You will know longer have one area of your life thriving whilst others are barely in survival. You will understand the importance of focusing weekly on all areas of your life.

Sure, you will not be physically spending the same amount of time in each area. Though that is the beauty of this awareness and understanding, as the amount of time spent is not a factor.

The main factor is that when you are in that particular space, you will be fully there. Totally present. That is what fosters and enhances that area of your life.

That is what makes you an inspirational leader. You take the lead in your whole life and through doing so, you become the example for others to aspire to be.

What steps will you take today, to ‘thrive in your whole life?’

Stay tuned for my next daily post that will assist you to create your team-dynamic workplace. One where your people, purpose and profits are thriving. Or if you’d prefer to reap the rewards from introducing these strategies sooner, connect with me through my email or message me.

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