Welcome back to the ‘Creating a Team Dynamic Workplace’ series of posts.

The first step highlighted how important it is for us all to live in all areas of our life. Today we will be exploring the importance of building relationships.

The Chaston Centre’s People Profits Connection strategies refer to building relationships as the Know Like and Trust Factor. No, this is not a marketing strategy it is all about the more that you know someone, the easier it is to Like them and to spend time with them, leading to building Trust.

Leaders are in a unique position of seeing how all the different departments team’s workload come together to ensure that everyone is on board to make the best possible product, offer the best possible customer experience and build the strongest possible company.

Unfortunately, many times, different departments and teams are not privy to the importance and workload of other departments, which can lead to undermining and a breakdown of working relationships.

Through delving into the three components of the Know Like and Trust model, employers can create a highly motivated and happy workforce that is focused on the company’s end goals.

When all employees spending time getting to know, like and trust each other, they will then not only return the sentiment, they will start to go above and beyond, in all that they do for you and the company.

It doesn’t matter what position you hold in the company, everyone will understand firsthand what “know, like and trust” really mean.

Imagine your company when everyone knows each other, they understand and value what the other person does. This creates a team-dynamic workplace. Though what also happens is that people will create a better and easier way of doing things. Unnecessary steps or duplications will be eliminated through people having the confidence to ask important questions, questions like:

  • Why do you do that task that way?
  • Have you thought about cutting out that step and doing XYZ this instead?
  • Is this step necessary as it seems to be duplicated by another department?
  • How can I make your workday easier?

Building relationships amongst the team is a gem that many companies miss. Many times because a leader or department head are being unnecessarily over-protective of their space. They have a narrow-focus instead of a companywide big-picture focus.

The rewards from having a Know Like and Trust strategy for all employees will far exceed any growth strategy you may be considering.

Start small with one area and start to reap these rewards, today.

Stay tuned for my next daily post that will assist you to create your team-dynamic workplace. One where your people, purpose and profits are thriving. Or if you’d prefer to reap the rewards from introducing these strategies sooner, connect with me through my email or message me.

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