Karen and Dan Chaston

Meet the Co-Founders: The Chaston Centre

Karen Chaston: The Co-Founder “The Chaston Centre”

Karen ran on the corporate treadmill until the day the world came tumbling down on her head.

The constant effort of juggling work, family, the big house and cars, and the stress created by all that was taking its toll on her even before tragedy struck when her son Dan (27), suddenly and very unexpectedly died at her back door in July 2011.

Straight after Dan’s funeral, Karen went straight back to her Chief Financial Officer’s role at a Publicly Listed Company, working more, drinking more and eating more. Using all her coping mechanisms to just carry on and succeed at that level.

Karen now knows that Dan’s passing was meant to be her wake up call. So the Universe decided to show her that death comes in many ways ~ death of a loved one, a marriage, a job, a partnership, a pet, your health and/or your wealth.

Her second death came 15 months later in the form of a redundancy, when her company merged with another. This was the greatest GIFT, Karen has ever received in her life. This gave her a chance to STOP and take a breath, a Conscious Loving Breath and when she looked in the mirror she did not recognise who stared back.

That is when she started on the Journey to Becoming Her Own Best Friend. She very quickly realised that Dan was travelling with her, guiding her every step of the way. He had obtained all of this wisdom and he was easily sharing it with her.

Together they’ve created

The Chaston Centre’s programs, webinars, books, podcast and TV shows bring together all the wisdom Karen has gathered (with Dan’s guidance), on her Journey from unhealthy living in a groundhog day daze, CFO to the fun loving Beyond Loss Expert, International Best-Selling Author and International Speaker, she has become today.

Karen (and Dan) loves sharing her newfound perspective on how you can easily Live and Love each and every day of your life.  Aligning all your nine areas of life (mentally, physically, financially, family, socially, physically, spiritually, emotionally and environmentally) through the Live Love By Design 4 Pillars:

Karen’s first-hand experience and her desire to find a better way to do loss – both personally and in the workplace – are the foundation for all the Chaston Centre programs.

When individuals embrace these concepts, they will easily move beyond any kind of loss and create a better everyday life.

When companies embrace these concepts, they unlock the people and profits connection. Ensuring that your people are always working at their best, valuing each other whilst providing the best possible customer experience and returns to the company.

Her motto: “Life is too short to be suffering from any kind of loss, unwrap the gift this has brought and then design a life that you live and love.

Dan Chaston: The Co-Founder “The Chaston Centre”

Dan Chaston was Karen’s youngest son, by one minute. He has a twin brother Joshua, an older brother Benjamin and a half-sister Kim.

He loved his childhood and loved growing up on 5 acres in the Hinterland region of the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Dan suddenly and very unexpectedly passed away in July 2011. He was only 27.

He accumulated many friends (of all ages) from all around the world, thanks to travelling around the UK, Europe and Asia from 2007 -2009.

Dan is Karen’s #1 fan on the other side and is constantly giving her signs and wisdom, in order for her to fulfill her life purpose.

He has guided Karen towards her newfound perspectives and awareness culminating in the foundation of The Chaston Centre’s programs, books and wisdom.