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On this page you will find a mixture of Karen’s blogs, vlogs and photos. Before Karen started on her “Journey to Becoming Her Own Best Friend” she very rarely took any photos, videos nor had time to share her wisdom in the written format. Now days things are different,  everyday she loves to share her thoughts and wisdom in the various media formats.

Enjoy and please comment, share and reach out if you’d like a post on a particular subject. Please also visit Karen’s YouTube channel.

A Million Little Things

It's never just one thing, it is a million little things.
5 April, 2021/by Karen Chaston

Visiting Hours in Heaven

Have you seen Ed Sheeran’s "Visiting Hours" performance? It's…
29 March, 2021/by Karen Chaston

Take Some Time for YOU, Today

Welcome to 'It's Sun Day ~Your Time to Shine.'
I've been guided…
28 March, 2021/by Karen Chaston

Infinite Possibilities

Every day, whether we like it or not, we have to make many decisions.…
15 March, 2021/by Karen Chaston

It Hurts to Be Human

Today, we are going to deep dive into something that does not…
28 February, 2021/by Karen Chaston

The Maze of The Daze

Recently I shared this video on facebook. It's about the Ground-Hog…
22 February, 2021/by Karen Chaston

Finding Clarity

Today I’ve been guided to write about something we all seek…
15 February, 2021/by Karen Chaston

Dancing to Your Rhythm of Life

Have you noticed that ‘Life leads us on a journey of love and…
8 February, 2021/by Karen Chaston

Your Greatest Date Ever

As I looked at the bottle of Veuve Clicquot in the fridge I had…
25 January, 2021/by Karen Chaston

The Gift Bearer

As I was preparing to write today's postl, a card on my shelf…
11 January, 2021/by Karen Chaston

Your Focus Word for 2021

We did it. Congratulations for being here. For living through…
4 January, 2021/by Karen Chaston

Closing the Door on 2020

As a young teenager, I can remember a new year’s eve where…
28 December, 2020/by Karen Chaston

It’s Starting to Look a Lot Like……

It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas………………
21 December, 2020/by Karen Chaston

Gaining Your Perspective

There is no wrong. There is no right.
All there truly is, is…
7 December, 2020/by Karen Chaston

The Beginners Mind

3 December, 2020/by Karen Chaston

The Death Letter project

30 November, 2020/by Karen Chaston

What you focus on matters

27 November, 2020/by Karen Chaston

You Get to Choose

22 November, 2020/by Karen Chaston

Recovering From Multiple Losses

16 November, 2020/by Karen Chaston

Finding Your Way After Loss

13 November, 2020/by Karen Chaston

How to Heal With Laughter

9 November, 2020/by Karen Chaston

Loss: The most important and hardest thing to do

5 November, 2020/by Karen Chaston

Death vs Divorce

29 October, 2020/by Karen Chaston

What Moving on Feels Like

26 October, 2020/by Karen Chaston