Live Love By Design
Design Your Life to Easily Flow in Every Possible Way

Don’t you feel it’s time for you to live a life that you love and love the life you live, every second of every day? Your Dream Life!!

After a couple of life changing events, Karen Chaston began to wake from what she likes to call her Ground Hog Day Daze. Her newfound awareness assisted her to realise that her CFO life and the life of most of her peers, was diseased. It was a dog-eat-dog world. Where all were in survival and it truly was survival of the fittest, though physically they were not fit.

Through wondering that surely there must be another way, an easier way to succeed at such a high level, the Live Love by Design brand was born.

Whether you want to have more energy, more time, improve your health, your relationships, your finances, your career and ultimately your life the Live Love Gems in this book will help you achieve it. Each of the four live love pillars are illustrated in detail with thought provoking exercises and real world daily gems that you can implement into your daily rituals right now.

If you’ve ever wanted an easy to follow guide to living a life that you love and reaching your dreams and goals faster, it’s in your hands.