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The Secret to Moving Beyond any Loss is to Understand the Meaning of this Tragic Event. You must Revitalise Your Life and Your Connection to You.

In just 45 days, 1 day at a time, we’re going to Revitalise Your Life so that you can begin to move Beyond Your Loss.

Here’s how you will get out of the daze over the next 45 days…

  • Every Day receive 1 simple step – it takes 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Reconnect to YOU – the one that has forgotten who to be now after this loss.
  • Receive the meaning and purpose behind your loss or losses.
  • Discover how to forgive yourself and be in joy again.

From the desk of Karen Chaston

18 January 2021

Re: Revitalise Your Life to Receive the Meaning behind your loss

Dear Magnificient One,

In the last five years, I had hundreds of friends and acquaintances ask me how I did it. How I was able to recover from losing my son and my career, and, keep a smile on my face.

Everyone wanted to know what I did. How I did it. I felt different. I looked different.

I am a better friend. A better partner. And a better person because of two massive loss events that happened to me within a very short period of time.

I find loss either holds you down or it changes you.

The changes can be a good thing or a bad thing. It all depends on your perspective.

I’ve heard from many people who become quite insulated. They stay at home, lose track of time, and don’t function the same after a divorce, losing a family member, or losing their career. These are the people that I see as being held down by their losses.

Then there are the people who are fundamentally changed.

The ones who get sucked into the bad wave of change often tell me about how their family doesn’t want to be near them, or, how they don’t have friends anymore, or, that they don’t have any friends any more. And for many, that didn’t choose the bad wave, COVID-19 only amplified this perspective for them, without them realising this could happen.

Then the good change, the change that literally empowers you to feel more alive, more divinely connected, more joyful, and more grateful every day. Realising the meaning of the loss event.

I realise that you are reading this letter today, maybe thinking…

“Why did this happen to me? I want to be the person who has a good, positive change, but I feel like I’m stuck in the daze. I want to understand why this happened to me, but no one seems to understand me. I want to know why no one seems to care anymore.”

Or maybe you are frozen. You find yourself staring out the window at 9am when you wake, and stuck in your lounge chair at 5pm, wondering where the day went…

Or maybe you are the way I was when I was hit with my son’s loss. I just worked harder, ate more, drank more, and avoided the loss all together.

Whichever way you find yourself in, there’s one thing that I know for sure. There’s one secret. There’s one key. There’s an important step that you have to take to really understand why you had this loss.

It starts with you.

Your life. Your reason. Your purpose. The meaning behind why this has all happened.

This one answer will change your perspective.

But, you have to take the first step. You must say YES to you.

I call this first step “Revitalise Your Life”.

You see the answers come when you reconnect with the loss event. You have all the answers inside of you, but unfortunately, therapy, counseling, and crying aren’t always the best way for you to get it.

I realised after years of searching for the answers, that the only way for me to understand why my son, Dan, passed was to stop.

For me, it took years to figure out loss and receive what I now call the “Gift of Loss”, or what many call “The Meaning” of your loss events.

After working with hundreds of people from around the world, I kept hearing the same thing over and over again within the first week of working together. They kept saying, “I feel like a new person. I haven’t felt this connected to myself in years.”

You see, what happens when you lose someone, when you lose a career, or when suffer from multiple loss events all in one go, is that you stop.

You forget what your dreams were. You forget what you wanted. You forget what was important to you.

For many people, when they lose a partner or a close family member, or experience a major divorce or separation, they lose their identity in the world.

For many of my clients, they stopped looking after themselves because their family, career, or partner became their priority. Whether they were in a relationship where their partner was the breadwinner, or, their child suffered a long cancer journey, then passed away, or, they experienced a sudden abrupt career ending where you felt you were really making a difference

This is why I designed this simple, easy to follow, Revitalise Your Life program. Often this is the hardest step. It’s why I have broken it down into 45 days, one step a day, that takes about 5 to 10 minutes to do, so it is gentle, easy to fit into your day, and realistic given your fragile emotions.

I realised that the only way to receive the meaning and gift of your loss event(s), is to do what I call ReVitalise Your Life.

Re means to restart. Begin again. Repeat. Vitalise means energy. And Your Life is about focusing on your life. So for us, on this 45 day journey, we are going to bring a fresh new energy to your life.

With this new found energy, you’ll get more of you back. You’ll gain greater awareness. You’ll gain a stronger connection to God and divine energy. You’ll become more self aware. And you’ll feel way more in control of where your life is heading and how you choose to live.

The Revitalise Your Life Program was designed with all of this in mind. It’s the first step in assisting you to reconnect to you. To make you a priority in your about giving you meaning and purpose and receiving the gift meant for you in your loss event.

You’ll gain structure that you can follow and self care routines that only take 5 to 10 minutes a day, that will help you feel more like the old you.

Each day you will receive a short video and an activity for the day.

This series will be available to you forever, so there is no requirement to be overwhelmed. Simply work at your own pace. Though make sure that you take some steps each day.

I promise, that when you follow all the steps, do all the deep dives into you that this course guides you to do, you will have Revitalised Your Life, to a point where you are ready to move beyond any loss event.

Now you may be wondering, what is the investment for this program?

We have different levels of programs at The Chaston Centre. I’ve built this very first program after years of feedback from my clients sharing how the new found energy they had gave them the strength, support, and confidence to face the emotions of their loss and fully receive the gifts from their loss events.

It’s why I built this 45 Day program. 1 hour a day for just 45 days in this program will bring you newfound perspective and awareness to your daily life, now after your loss.

I’ve really taken cost into consideration because I realise that when you are hit with a loss or multiple losses, it can effect more than just your emotions. I wanted to make this program attainable and affordable for everyone.

For just $45AUD ($30USD), you will take the first step and Revitalise Your Life. That’s just $1 a day or nearly 10 cups of coffee…

Nearly every client that makes the investment, makes the time, and really commits to the process, gains more than 10X their investment in the program.

What are others saying about working with Karen:

“I’m hanging out with my friends again. I’m back in my own home. I’m back at work again… Working with Karen has been amazing and I highly recommend her”.

“Karen’s process was painful after the passing of my husband and his prolonged his illness. Karen’s process really helped me forge a new path forward for myself. I really liked the clear structure of the program.”

“It changed the way that I thought about losses and how I grieve and get through things. Once I put the work in, it became so easy to understand and now I can move on from the loss of my mother and I got that out of my system. Now knowing how to go through any form of loss that comes in the way I see things, I can get through anything just by following the steps that Karen gives you. I think everyone should give this a go and it changes your life for the better.

You see, going through loss can be very challenging. We were never taught how to grieve. There’s this thing when someone has something bad happen to them. It’s like all the people around them just expect them to be over it within a week.

In some cultures, they have a set time to mourn then when the family or person comes out of that mourning, it’s expected that they’ll just get back to normal.

But, it is still very hard.

How long have you been holding on to the sadness, anger, despair, and emptiness that you’ve experienced as a result of your loss? Are the people around you really understanding that even though time has passed, you are still hurting? Are you finding it hard to cope day to day even though the time has passed?

If you have been suffering and are still feeling sad, I completely understand what you are feeling. It’s the exact reason I took a step back and thought about the most important part of moving Beyond Loss.

It’s not about letting go or losing the person or event that has just happened. It’s about embracing the loss event and receiving the gifts and blessings that came with it. It’s about allowing yourself to know why this happened to you and how your life can be now knowing this.

The most important step to take if you are feeling stuck, feeling the rolling emotions of grief, or struggling with moving through life now after this loss, is ReVitalising Your Life. It’s about bringing in all of the good things that you received from the person or people or things that you lost and choosing to keep them with the energy of moving on.

It’s about allowing yourself to still be yourself. But knowing yourself in a way that you have always wanted but didn’t know how to get to.

ReVitalise Your Life is about bringing your energy back to you and reconnecting to who you are now after this loss or losses and choosing who and how you live now.

I invite you to join me for the next 45 days, one baby step at a time, and ReVitalise Your Life. Take the first step, go at your pace, and refind that person you’ve been looking for. Reconnect with your loved ones (the ones you want to connect with, of course). And choose to create a life that you can be grateful and proud to live in, empowered by the journey you’ve come out of.

So please take the next step. Don’t put this off. Act today. Enroll for just $45 today on the button below…

With love and gratitude,