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Karen Chaston: The Chaston Centre Co-Founder

Welcome and thank you for being here.

Assisting people to understand the correlations between loss, change, living a fulfilling life, creating a team-dynamic workplace and profits, is what Karen and The Chaston Centre love to do.

When individuals embrace our concepts, they easily move beyond any kind of loss and create a better everyday life.

When companies embrace our concepts, they unlock the people and profits connection.
Ensuring that their people are always working at their best, valuing each other whilst providing the best possible customer experience and returns to the company.

Karen Chaston is a business owner, beyond loss mentor and international keynote speaker who has shared the stage with Marianne Williamson, Jamie-Lee Curtis, Valerie Harper and Dr Ellie Drake.

She is the author of eight books and numerous e-books.

In her corporate career Karen was a C.P.A., a Chief Financial Officer of a publicly listed company and a senior manager for more than 25 years.

In July 2011, Karen’s life changed forever when her 27-year-old son, Dan, suddenly and unexpectedly passed away at her back door.

Within 15 months, Karen resigned from her CFO role and began a personal, professional and spiritual journey culminating in her becoming a beyond loss expert and co-founding her business:

Karen’s first-hand experience assisted in her creating The Chaston Centre’s retreats and programs (delivered physically and virtually) which demonstrate the correlations between people, loss and all areas of your life.

When individuals embrace these concepts, you will easily move beyond any kind of loss and create a better everyday life.

When companies embrace these concepts, they unlock the People and Profits Connection. Providing tangible solutions that will help them to challenges the status quo by asking “Is there room in the modern workplace to be more human?” Providing tangible solutions that will help them to make the best possible product, offer the best possible customer experience and build the strongest possible company.

As you may imagine, when Karen was a Chief Financial Officer of a Publicly Listed company, she never thought that she would ever write a book. She knew that one day she would like to write about her teenage years and her unexpected pregnancy at the age of 16, though never really thought that it would become a reality.

That book, was actually her third paperback “Teenagers Playing Grown-Ups” and she is the first to admit that it was better than she ever expected.

Please enjoy browsing through the four paperbacks, numerous e-books and her “Elements Collection Gratitude Journals.”

And as you’re doing so, remember “That if you think it, you can do it. Dream BIG.”

Kind Words

Karen ‘s message is STRONG. It has changed me and it’s going to change you, on how you look at living your life.

Karen Chaston is an incredible coach and mentor, totally committed to helping you to prioritise what is important in your life, both personally and professionally.

So, thank you so much Karen I could recommend you more without this course I don’t know if I would really be achieving the things that I’m going to be achieving so. so soon.

I am very appreciative that I now have a clear pathway to achieving my goals and dreams.

Her ability to read the situation and get the outcomes required was fantastic.

We received a very personal service from start to finish and would highly recommend Karen’s services without hesitation.

I cannot thank Karen enough for helping me get in touch with my true self, my playful self, my confident self!

If I were to describe Karen Chaston in one word I would say “Inspirational”. I have watched people wake up and become inspired by her at many events.

Karen Chaston is the real deal, she operates from the heart, and she follows through with action not words. Thank you Karen.

We have had the pleasure of having Karen share her wisdom with us at the Diamond Club. Karen’s passion about her topic beautifully came through with her engaging and fun delivery.

Karen did an exceptional job in chairing the day and is indeed an inspirational leader and engaging speaker.

I believe the Beyond Loss Physical and Virtual retreat is not just a gift to yourself, I believe it’s a gift to the people that love and care for you and for those that you love and care about.

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