Hi so my name’s Anna Ritson and I’ve known Karen Chaston for quite some time now.

One day I received an email about one of her beyond loss events and I decided to watch it. So watched the video and then I was convinced and ready for Karen to help me over the losses that I’ve had I didn’t realize there were forty losses that a person can go through.

I thought there was just the main ones and the main ones I was grieving over I guess is the loss of my mum my stepfather the separation of my long year a lot of years actually married and trying to work out how to deal with my young son in amongst this all.

As well and keeping him happy so I wanted to start with Karen and see if she could help me through these grieving loss process and so.

She did so she took me on a step by step I guess challenge in a way because I did find it very challenging to go through these steps but at the same time it was changing the way I thought about losses and changing the way that I grieve and how I get through things.

So once I put the work in and you have to kind of do that to get the benefits from what she is I guess teaching you. Tt became so easy to understand and now I can move on from for instance I got the loss of my mother and the things that you know I grew up with around her and the things that were good and bad about our relationship and I got that out of my system.

I guess you could say and knowing that now how to go through the process of any form of loss that may come into I guess the way we see things these days we can get through anything just by following the steps that Karen has all is giving you.

So I just can’t thank her enough I think anyone should give it a go because it really is something that will change your life and for the better so best of luck everybody and please get in touch with Karen.

She’s wonderful thank you.


Karen Chaston is an incredible coach and mentor, totally committed to helping you to prioritise what is important in your life, both personally and professionally.

She introduced me to the concepts of being present, gaining clarity and making space.

Karen helped to guide me to surround myself with people and tasks that were good for me and leading me to fulfill my goals. Whilst eliminating the energy involved in tasks and relationships that were not serving me or leading me towards where I would like to be.  Karen’s mentoring provided me with the foundation for growth and success. It has been the start of my journey into a leadership position. Thank you, Karen.

My name is Bianca Caruana and I am a virtual assistant from BE Designs. I worked with Karen for six weeks in about July 2018 and I was doing the live love by design program with her, where we focused on all about myself my relationships my expertise and then my wealth.

It was a great experience working with Karen because she really helped me to break down the barriers that I had in myself on achieving what I wanted to achieve in life which was a balance between my business that brought in wealth and my travel that was really all about my passions.

From the day that we started working together it was a great outlet for me to be able to tell her all about my life all, about my experiences and all about the struggles that I had been having to really get to where I wanted to be.

So, over the course of six weeks, we broke it down through a range of activities discussions tips that she would give me about really manifesting the things that I’ve always wanted. Some of those were small exercises like going through questions and really getting in touch with what it is that I really wanted inside and having those thoughts come up and kind of confronting them in a way that would really make me believe in myself and understand that these are the things that I can achieve.

I found Karen to be so open I felt so comfortable with her straightaway. I really felt that she didn’t put any judgment at all, just gave me really good advice and really just listened to what I had to say and helped me to take all these aspects of my life that I was quite confused about at the time and really kind of pillared them on top of each other to understand what I needed to do to create the life that I really want to live.

So, thank you so much Karen I could recommend you more without this course I don’t know if I would really be achieving the things that I’m going to be achieving so. so soon. I’m just big thank you thanks so much.

Karen’s mentoring has given me a different perspective on getting everything together to meet my goals and achieve balance in my life. I feel so honoured to be mentored by someone with so much business exposure, to have someone outside my circle of colleagues, to bounce ideas off, has been so motivating and has really helped to boost myself confidence.

So, thank you Karen, for your guidance and expertise during our face-2-face sessions; it’s something people like myself in a rural area, don’t often get exposure to and I am very appreciative that I now have a clear pathway to achieving my goals and dreams.
I believe I will see benefits from your guidance for many years to come.

I had the opportunity to work with Karen on a short-term project early in 2016. The insights and advice given to us by Karen proved to be invaluable.

Her ability to read the situation and get the outcomes required was fantastic. Her input was always ahead of schedule, delivered with enthusiasm, and came with a big smile. Great to work with.

In a few words Karen Chaston is a “captivating” keynote speaker, “engaging” author and well connected collaborator.
Karen has this wonderful energy that is not only warm and enticing it draws you in. Karen’s recent presentations, workshops and one day events are fun, informative and professional all the way. First class content and delivery!

If you are looking for an engaging, knowledgeable speaker with a huge heart– then you are looking for the charismatic Karen Chaston. We would recommend Karen to any organisation who wants the best possible speaker that you can trust. We received a very personal service from start to finish and would highly recommend Karen’s services without hesitation.

Amongst Karen’s many talents, her two books have been amazing to read, I couldn’t stop reading them and read them in 1-2 days. Karen is an inspiration and talented story teller.

“The difference between good and great is a little more effort” I believe on the effort front Karen is streets ahead of the rest. Her tenacity is infectious. We are so excited by this awesome opportunity and partnership, forged from respect, compatibility and friendship.

Thanks Karen for all your hard work and we look forward to a big bright future working on the endless possibilities.

If you have ever felt that the person you are with is totally present, has absolutely no judgement, no ego, and wants nothing FROM you, then you have been in the presence of the gorgeous Karen Chaston.  This woman operates purely from the heart, and exudes that joyous sense of freedom we all aspire to experience.  And the amazing thing is that Karen is on a mission to help other women live that joyous life too!

I first met Karen in 2013 in Sydney, and since then have been blessed to be part of her Group Meetings, workshops, and other events she has held.  Her book “A Journey to Becoming Your Own Best Friend” was, for me, a turning point in how I viewed myself. And how I TREATED myself.  It is now my “go to” book any time I am feeling at odds with the world (or with me!).

I cannot thank Karen enough for helping me get in touch with my true self, my playful self, my confident self!  And to love and nurture the woman I am.  But most of all, Karen has taught me to actually get out of my own way and BE the woman I love to be.

If I were to describe Karen Chaston in one word I would say “Inspirational”. I have watched people wake up and become inspired by her at many events.

It seems to happen miraculously within moments of her addressing the audience.  She has an unusual combination of power and vulnerability and I’ve witnessed her message for women even bring quiet tears to men in the room.

We collaborated on a One Day Mind Body Soul Event last year, and it was Karen’s segment that broke the ice for the whole day, and it set up the energy of openness and collaboration for every woman there.

Her Book ‘A Journey to becoming you own best friend’ sits in the waiting room of my clinic, and is a quick ‘pickup’ whenever someone needs a reminder of who they really are! Karen is always on the look out to add something to other’s lives, everywhere she goes. I wish Karen all the very best on her journey.  She fully deserves it!

I met Karen Chaston through the local northern beaches community business networks. She attended my Manly women’s business networking group – ‘WoManly’ and enjoyed our meetings. Karen accepted an invitation to speak at our February 2015 meeting and gave a very inspirational talk about women’s self care and guidance for achieving a balance in life. I found her book ’A Journey to Becoming Your Own Best Friend’ a lovely guidance for women and young girls, as if she is there speaking with you. It is refreshing, honest and lacking in the hype that can surround these things.

Karen Chaston is the real deal, she operates from the heart, and she follows through with action not words. Thank you Karen.

We have had the pleasure of having Karen share her wisdom with us at the Diamond Club. Karen’s passion about her topic beautifully came through with her engaging and fun delivery.

We really enjoyed having her with us and look forward to working with her again in the future.

I had the opportunity to work with Karen at our Women in Leadership Summit Sydney, 7-9 December 2016. Karen did an exceptional job in chairing the day and is indeed an inspirational leader and engaging speaker. It was a delightful experience to work with her. Thank you very much Karen!

I just finished listening to Karen speak on stage, WOW,what a presentation. The emotion. The effort that she puts into it and the message ~ that take away message. I
feel like I’ve met Dan and that is amazingly powerful.

Her message is strong it has changed me and is going to change you. On how you look at living your life to the fullest. Making sure you live every day to the absolute fullest. Don’t waste a second. Thank you so much, Karen. You’re Amazing

~ Warren Tate. Warren Tate Communications

Karen I just wanted to let you know that I have experienced absolute magic from writing in your gratitude journal for 99 days
I didn’t do them consecutively but I did them over a period of time, probably 12 months.
And the day and I was at the time I was living from welfare payment, and you know child care child support. Because I had separated and had a young child
And the day that I completed that diary, was the day that I was offered a full-time job. Because I was determined to ditch the welfare payment.
And I remember completing that journal with the the gratitude,  for having a full-time job.

And being able to walk into Centerlink and say here it is, I don’t need your TAFE course, I don’t need anything I am all sorted.
And it was amazing and ever since I finished I actually didn’t have a practice of writing.
You know so consistently and I loved the journal.
It was just beautiful the photos and everything about it.
So thank you so much

Marcia Temperman

Hi I’m Michelle I have just completed the three-day beyond loss retreat with Karen Chaston. It’s been an incredible process. I’m really excited for what comes after this
through this process. I’ve learned a lot about myself about understanding grief finding the gift in the loss.

That I have not suffered but travelled through I am really grateful that I decided to invest in myself and do this course. It has given me a new lease on life pretty much I’ve been able to look back at events that were grief loss events. Through my history,  through 50 years of living and actually really pinpoint what was affecting me in my life that I didn’t fully comprehend or understand.

I’ve undertaken the coursework and the course structure to go through this process guided by Karen at the retreat and it has assisted me to travel to a different space in my life. And for this I am most grateful.

~ Michelle Shanks

Hello my name is Daniela.

I have just completed Karen’s five step process and in my case I have done this over a period of two months.

It was a painful process to dive deep into me after the passing of my husband last year, as well as experiencing the loss of my identity during his prolonged illness.

Karen really helped me to go beyond the pain I was feeling and to start to draft a new path for my self.

I really liked the clear structure of the program and that it is combined with the flexibility of the time, the time that you need

And I also found that Karen has a special way, to really guide you and helping you.

To allow. She allowed me to see things from different perspectives.

And to move beyond this pain.

And now I am extremely grateful to have met Karen and to start my new path.

Thank you Karen, very much.

~ Michelle Shanks