The Rhythm of Life

Have you ever noticed that the rhythm of life is similar to our heartbeat’s rhythm?

Up and down. Up and down. With some smooth sailing periods in between. Some people wish that we did not have the extremes. They wished that they just had the smooth sailing periods.

After a while, life would become a bit mundane. Each day the same or similar to the others. It would be a bit boring.
And just like our heartbeat when it’s a straight line, we would be dead, well at least feel like.

That must have been why Eve tempted Adam with the apple. Each day in paradise obviously, got a bit monotonous!!

Though seriously, I have found that it’s in the down times, when you have major loss events in your life, that we receive life’s most precious gifts.

You learn who you are. Who your friends are. You gain clarity as to where you are now and where you’d like to be.
It’s in the stopping. The looking around. In the deciding where to from here, that you safely pivot, course correct onto your next road.

This is why I love what I do.

I am probably the only person around who loves it when their clients stop requiring their services.

Are you currently struggling with the downward rhythm in your life?

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