Employee Engagement

Have you ever felt that categorising your employees as an expense is all wrong?

As a former CFO of a publicly listed company, accounting wise it makes sense, though on a ‘valuing your employees’ perspective it does not.

Businesses invest in their fixed assets.

In the late ‘90’s whilst studying my Master of Accounting at Bond University, the concept of listing Human Capital on the balance sheet, instead of the profit and loss was raised.

I could see the value of this concept then and even more now.
As a Beyond Loss expert, I understand the correlation between people and profits.

I know that the more a company invests in developing the whole person, the more the company will thrive.

People are not one dimensional. They have things going on outside of work.

Did you know that there are over 40 different loss events that can affects all of our lives?

By taking an interest in their development both at work and in their personal lives, you’ll make them feel valued and will unleash their full potential.

Which in turn will increase engagement and loyalty that will benefit everyone.

Are you treating your employees as much-valued assets?

Would you like to have purpose driven highly engaged employees?

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