Your Body

Your health is your wealth.
Yet so many of us wait until we’re sick before we value our body.
Why is this so?
It is so much easier to maintain than to do a total overhaul.
Today I’m sharing my three top Live Love Healthy Maintenance
1. What You Eat Today, Walks and Talks Tomorrow.
Start being conscious of what you’re eating. Which foods bring
you up and the ones that bring you down. Life is too short to
be lying around with a food hangover!
2. Emotions are Energy in Motion.
When we stop ourselves from feeling. We use food as a quick fix. Then the energy gets stuck and will cause disease down the track. Recognise, feel into it, heal it. Let it flow. Put the fork down!
3. Move that Body. Love that Body
The more we move the better we feel. Start running, dancing, swimming all the things you love to do to, get the feel-good endorphins running through your body. You will be energised and ready to create your dreams. Get into nature and you’ll receive a
double dose. Promise!
We only have one body. This is one asset you do not want to lose.
It is time to treat it as your most precious possession.
That way you’re, in tip top condition easily achieving all your live
love dreams and desires.
What are your health/ wealth gems?

Though I now know that we never really can get back to who we
that will assist you to ensure that your health does not become
one of the over 40 different loss events that will affect your life.