To be healthy we must heal

Have you ever noticed that life is more vibrant when you’re
That all areas of your life seem to be more in flow.
You think better. Have more energy. Your emotions are not so
erratic, you feel connected to yourself and others.
Think back to how you just jumped out of bed, eager for what the
day will bring.
Why do so many of us struggle to be this way?
We know that what we eat and how we move, today, walks and
talks tomorrow.
Sure, we live in a world of distractions and instant gratifications.
Though there is more to why so many put our healthy lifestyle to
the back burner.
I love to look at our language to guide us to the best way to live
our lives.
Does the word Healthy, provide a solution to this age-old
Healthy = “Heal.” “Thy”
WOW, it tells us how to be healthy – to Heal Thy…. Self.
To heal thy self of all our traumas. All our losses. All the not so
ideal events that have occurred in our lives.
We all have that power. We all have a choice.
Next time, you are about to do something that is a detriment to
your health, ask yourself……….. What requires healing?
Then reach out, as I love to create a better everyday life for all
who have suffered any kind of loss.
Are you ready to heal and be healthy?