Why can’t it be amicable

Have you noticed that many people have a belief that when you
separate from your previous partner, your future relationship
can’t be amicable?
I have found that this does not need to be the case.
You see, all our relationships have three components – physical,
emotional and spiritual.
The emotional and Spiritual will never end, when the physical
The emotional relationship is the component that causes us the
pain – the grieving and suffering.
And you get to choose, the sort of emotional relationship you will
have with anyone moving forward – whether they are dead or
I’m putting the final tweaks to my Beyond Loss Retreat, that
provides the steps you can take to ensure that the negative
emotional relationship ends at the same times as the physical
I know it sounds like a fairy tale. Though it’s not.
And the best part is that everyone else, especially your children
do not have to suffer and worry about what’s going to happen
when your cross paths.
Have you ended your relationships amicably?