The Three components to all relationships

Relationships can be tough. Relationships ending for what ever
reason are even tougher.
The main reasons they can be so tough is that a lot of the time
we forget that there are three components to each
Our Physical Connection:
The way we are together. The
things we do and say with each other. The way we
physically interact with each other.
Our Emotional Connection:
The way we feel about each
other. The emotions can be all encompassing ~ the good,
the bad, the glad and the sad.
Our Spiritual Connection:
The intangible connection
that we have. It is hard to explain the way that we
instantly connected to each other.
When the relationship ends, due to death or separation, it is the
physical connection that ends. As we will no longer touch or
speak to them in the same manner.
Whilst the physical relationship may end, the emotional and
spiritual connection will continue forever.
It’s the emotional relationship that causes all the grieving and
suffering. Due to not emotionally completed the relationship.
At the Beyond Loss Retreat, we assist anyone who is grieving
and suffering from any kind of loss, to create a healthy
emotional relationship moving forward.
Do you have healthy emotional relationships?
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