The Dash

Have you ever heard about the Dash?

It’s a poem by Linda Ellis. It refers to the dates on a tombstone.

First the date of birth, then a dash and then the date of death.

The dash represents your life.

Your whole life.

All the things that happen whilst alive.

When you consider your dash at its current length, what are the things that really matter and define you?

Is it your jobs, your cars, the houses, the holidays or the relationships you’ve fostered?

Especially the one with yourself?

We often get caught up in our current situation and we can’t see the whole picture.

You’re the only person; you will spend your entire life with. You matter.

You are more than your job, or your wealth. Now is the time for you to connect to the part of you, that you may not have seen for a while.

The part of you that has been weighed down by all the stuff.

Not only the physical stuff, though more importantly, the emotional stuff.I am going to name it – it’s Unresolved Grief.

We all carry it. It is everywhere.

I believe we are all on pause, so we can resolve and release the stuff, we have all carried for way too long.

To create a NEW NORMAL!

Would you like to know how to best do this?

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