Beyond Loss Webinar

How are you feeling at the moment?

There is a lot going on.

I’ve noticed that currently the lesser known loss events are coming to the forefront, loss of freedom, loss of choice, loss of identity and change in work conditions.

As a Beyond Loss mentor, I find it quite troubling that we have never been taught what to do when a significant loss event touches our life.

Which is why I am hosting a complimentary Beyond Loss Webinar, Wednesday 22nd April 10am and 7pm AEST.

During the webinar I’ll share the Beyond Loss 5-Step process that will assist you to:

Move beyond any kind of loss

Stop the grieving and suffering from past loss events

Strategies that assist you to easily move beyond any future loss events

Ideal ways you can be there for your family and friends when loss comes into their life

Create a better everyday life.Imagine what your life would be like if you had a 5-step process that would assist you to not only move beyond any kind of loss but to create a better everyday life.

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