The Things We Love

Often, I love to share that life is a journey on the love loss infinity loop.

Focusing on ways that can assist people to easily move beyond any kind of loss.

Today, it’s time for us to focus on love.

Something we sometimes take for granted until we lose it.

So often our love comes with conditions.

We say we love someone then we try to change this and that, trying to make them into someone they are not.

There is really only one person you can change and that is you.

When you know this, you begin to look at people and situations differently.

You see them as opportunities for you to grow and change.

Everything youdislike about them is something you dislike about yourself.

Therefore, you look at them as providing insights into the things that you may like to change about yourself.

Living from this prospective assist you to know that every step on the loveloss infinity loop is leading you to love you.

Moving you closer to living and loving your dream life.

Are you living and loving in all areas of your life?

Have you ever taken the time to give love and unconditional acceptance to all you encounter?

Try it for a couple of days and watch what happens.

Please share what happens here.

#beyondloss #lovelife #loveyou