Beyond Loss Webinar

Did you know that when any kind of loss event occurs in your life your unconscious mind goes into a loop trying to find answers?

It is continually searching for undelivered communications, large and small that have emotional value to you.

Sometimes it is caused by our actions, inactions or postponements.

Other times it is caused by circumstances outside of our control.

It is normal in our relationships to table topics to be dealt with later.

We have feelings in response to every life change that occurs.

Most of these changes are small and insignificant and cause little or no discomfort.

Yet some have had a lasting impact of our attitudes and outlooks on life.

Though we do not have to grieve and suffer.

We do not have to give it time.

We do not have to resort to unhealthy coping mechanism to get through the day.

Now is the time to know we can easily move beyond any kind of loss and create our better everyday life.

Join our monthly Beyond Loss Webinar to learn how.

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