Fonzie Salute

Have you notice some thrive in one area of life, then another goesdown.

Winning in their career, though their home life is suffering. As is their health.

If they keep going all will be ok.

Just shove it down, down, down and keep focused.

They do just that.

Reaching their desired career goal.

They have reached the top.

Though as they look around, they are all alone, they are unhealthy and they start to wonder if it was all worth it.

When they look in their bank account they say yes.

Though when they look in the mirror, they don’t really recognise who looks backat them.

They start to count what they have lost. It adds up to much more than their bank account.

Recently I worked with a guy who was lost he wanted, a beyond loss mentor to assist him to find himself.

Together we assist him to complete all of his loss events, creating a healthy emotional relationship with them all.

He begins to love the person who greets him in the mirror each morning.

He has even started to greet him with the old “Fonzie Salute” You know the one – Check yourself out from head to toe, two thumbs up, then say Heeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyy!

He says, I gave him back his life.Are you living and loving in all areas of your life?

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