Anna Testimonial

Why do you do what you do?This is a question that I love to ask regularly.

So many of us go through the motions, doing a job that we don’t love, all because it keeps us in the lifestyle that we have become accustomed to.

I am a beyond loss mentor. I assist people to move beyond any kind of loss (and there are over 40) to create a better everyday life.

I love guiding and assisting people to do this.

And a huge bonus is when they send me a video, asAnnahas done.

You watch and listen to what they have to say.

Realising there is so much more than the words.

It’s their Essence. The way they have blossomed into their original self.

You know then, that you were born to assist others to remember who they are.

You leave the breadcrumbs for them to rediscover their most authentic self.

It was a pleasure mentoring you, Anna. You did the work.

I know it was not easy at times.

You knew when to reach out for assistance when it got really tough.

Love you and thank you.

I’m looking forward to watching you. This is just the beginning.

#beyondloss #lovelife #loveyou