“If you loved them, you’d never get over them.”

I cringed as I heard these words. I have heard and read them many times. They still make me cringe and shake my head.

Mainly because I know that its not what they want. They want you to live and love your life. Not to be stuck in the daze of grieving and suffering….

Thinking thoughts that you can’t go on without them.

I have found that life is a journey of many ups and downs. We all will experience loss.

How can we not when there are over 40 different loss events that can affect our lives?

Yet in spite of the fact that we have not been taught how to move on from our loss, we can. You can get through this and even grow and learn from the loss.

So, let’s look at how you can move on with love and respect.

One of my favourite things to do is to look for their signs. They will all give you a unique thing that you know when you see it, its their sign to say “Hey, I may not be here physically, though I am still with you and now I am your head cheer leader.”

Dan, my son who passed over nine years ago shows up in a few ways. He brings me rainbows and dragon flies. As well as having his name appear on things. I have seen it on footpaths, number plates, buildings, café names in so many different places. Love it when it appears, as I do his other signs.

Just the other day my husband, Andrew and I were out walking with our son Josh (Dan’s twin) and his son Rafael.

I was doing fun things to make 16-month-old Rafael laugh. Then all of a sudden, I had to dodge a dragon fly that nearly flew into my face.

Straight away I said, “Hi Dan, so glad that you are joining in the fun and showing us you’re here.”

My Dad’s sign, on the other hand is feathers. I love it when I see a feather whilst out walking. You see them all throughout the year. Sometimes I pick them up and keep them. Other times I don’t.

Though I always say, “hi Dad, great to see you, what message do you have for me today?”

What messages are your passed love ones sending you?

Do you notice them?

Or are you stuck in the grief loop, wondering how you can possibly live without them?

One of the greatest realisations that came to me as I was looking for a better way to move beyond loss was “you are the only person you are going to spend your entire life with, so why are you giving up on your dreams and not living and loving your life.”

This realisation is the foundation of all that I do. Life really is way to short for you to put your life on hold.

Let me help you find your way.

You’re loved ones (and lost ones) want that for you. And I believe that’s why you’ve read this and why we’ve connected.

Reach out when you’d like to know more.

With Love and Gratitude,