Does your workplace have an accountable company culture?

This is a workplace where all employees are aware of the common team goals and how important their own personal workload goals are to the overall success of the desired outcome. They take personal responsibility to ensure that all deadlines are met ahead of time. They acknowledge mistakes and failures and embrace, contributing to a culture of learning and growth. They seek to find the answers to any unexpected issues that may arise.

High performance teams that embrace an accountable company culture, just don’t happen they are created. Though it starts with you taking a step back, then trusting and believing that your people will deliver on the due date, if not before.

Start with these five steps and watch the magic happen:

  • Begin with the End in Mind: All employees must be able to see the final blueprint. How each team member contribution fits into the final design. Then they can see their fingerprint in the design. This builds trust, responsibility and accountability for all.
  • Continual Improvement: Before the work commences all employees involved in the blueprint are asked for their “better way, what have we missed” ideas. This minimises unexpected mistakes and issues.
  • Collective Deadlines: The deadline for each component is set and accepted by each team member in the presence of all involved. This allows for the consideration of any other work & life commitments……. and creates an accountable team.
  • Give them Freedom: As you have clearly established the job that needs to be accomplished, now give them the freedom to figure out how they get there on their own.
  • Celebrate All Wins: Creating a culture that celebrates the small wins, ensures that they will deliver ahead of schedule. Always remember that the best way to celebrate may be by giving them our most valuable asset ~ TIME. Give them paid time out, an afternoon or a day to rest and recuperate whilst spending it with their family and/or friends.

What steps will you take today, to begin creating your accountable company culture?

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